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 A FREE Framework for HR and Learning & Development Professionals to build a comprehensive Management and Leadership Development Program

The Management Trilogy™ is a free framework that enables HR and Learning & Development professionals to craft personalized, impactful management and leadership development programs.

Leveraging the insights of Everything DiSC® solutions, this framework provides the tools, guidance, and flexibility to align with organizational culture, values, and goals.

Three Core Pillars

Daily Management featuring Everything DiSC® Management
This is where Managers spend the majority of their time
- Understand and adapt to different management styles.
- Improve team dynamics and individual performance.
- Facilitate one-on-one coaching, group training, and continuous improvement
- Explore your values and discover how they connect with organizational values

Crisis Management featuring Everything DiSC® Agile EQ
- Develop emotional intelligence to navigate challenging situations.
- Foster resilience and adaptability in a rapidly changing environment.
- Enhance decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Strategic Management featuring Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders
- Cultivate visionary thinking and long-term planning.
- Align leadership behaviors with organizational strategy.
- Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and strategic growth.

Benefits of the Framework:
- Customization: Tailor the framework to align with your organizational needs, values, and goals.
- Scalability: Apply the framework across different levels of management and various team sizes.
- Integration with Everything DiSC® Tools: Utilize proven assessments and insights to enhance learning experiences.
- Ongoing Support and Resources: Access continuous guidance, resources, and insights to ensure sustained growth and alignment.

The Management Trilogy™ framework offers a transformative approach to management and leadership development. Its adaptability, robust structure, and integration with Everything DiSC® solutions create a dynamic platform for HR and Learning & Development professionals to lead the way in fostering exceptional leadership. With a focus on real-world application, continuous improvement, and strategic alignment, The Management Trilogy™ is an investment in the future of leadership within your organization. And the framework is free!

In a world where agility, innovation, and resilience define success, equipping your manager-leaders with the right tools and insights is paramount. Allow us to introduce you to a unique opportunity that transcends traditional learning paradigms: The Management Trilogy™ framework.

What sets The Management Trilogy™ framework apart is not merely its structure but its adaptability. Designed with modern leaders in mind, the framework aligns seamlessly with your organization's culture, needs, values, strategic goals and our Everything DiSC solutions.

Here's further information on these three core pillars:

Daily Management (Leading with VALUES) teaches manager-leaders how to develop their own core leadership values and align them with organizational core values. This is the start to developing a culture based on values in action.

Associated Assessment: Everything DiSC® Management

Crisis Management (Leading with VALOR) teaches managers how to maximize their EQ that will help them, in a time of need, such as a crisis, (there are ten categories of crises) to stay composed and focused.

Associated Assessment: Everything DiSC® Agile EQ

Strategic Management (Leading with VISION) teaches manager-leaders how to develop a shared vision and implement it smoothly. This is where many managers struggle.

Associated Assessment: Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders

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