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DiSC® Profiles and Facilitator Kits


Our clients use DiSC® profiles in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Health and Safety: Focusing on the behavioral aspects of health and safety
  • Team Building (departmental and cross functional project teams): Creating more collaborative teams
  • Management and Leadership Development: Increasing the emotional intelligence of leaders
  • Staff Development: Increasing individuals' competencies 
  • Organization Development: Helping project teams get off to a great start and succeed
  • Managing Change: Identifying where the behavioral barriers to change exist and taking a proactive approach to managing behaviors
  • Strategy Development and Execution: Helping members of senior leadership teams understand each other better
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching: Helping individual leaders change abrasive behaviors
  • Conflict Management and Resolution: Getting to the behavioral roots of conflict and equiping those in conflict with the tools to better resolve it
  • Sales: Helping sales professionals get into rapport with prospects and clients, and close more sales
  • Coaching: Helping coachees turn poor behaviors into powerful behaviors