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  • EPIC stands for Electronic Profile Information Center, the Wiley server that administers all the profiles on this site. You can set up your own EPIC sub-account to administer your profiles, complete with your own brand and contact details printed on the front cover. Once you have that account set-up, you will then need to purchase credits to administer your profiles. You can purchase the credits here.

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    EPIC Credits

    EPIC CAD$6.85
  • There is a one-time set-up fee of $197 for the EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) sub-account, which is included in this price. Your EPIC sub-account is your very own, personally branded Profile Administration center. Get set-up today, then add EPIC credits to your account to issue access codes by email to your learners!

    You will receive a personalized orientation by phone after the sub-account has been set up. Please add a minimum of 15 EPIC credits to your order (see below) to ensure your account is properly set up.

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    EPIC Sub-Account + Credits

    EPIC From: CAD$299.75
  • This is the one-time set up fee for an EPIC Sub-Account. To activate the account you must add EPIC credits to the Sub-Account. To purchase a Sub-Account AND add a minimum of 15 EPIC credits in one order please go here.

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