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How to Influence Others… Ethically

How to influence others… ethically discusses the power of influence. Leadership is all about influence. Gone are the days when a leader could bark out the orders and people obeyed without question. Nowadays, people are more educated, autonomous and have higher expectations of their leaders. People want to be engaged, included, inspired and free to …

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How to Be a Better Manager

Managers have a tough time these days. They have to oversee the delivery of their organization’s “promises” and deal with all the issues, problems, and demands of the marketplace. In fact, they have to become masterful in three related areas: – Daily Management: Getting the product or service delivered on time, within budget and in …

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Create a Winning Workplace Culture

Workplace culture can be difficult to interpret and understand. Defining workplace culture as “the way we do things here” is altogether too simplistic to be of any help to managers who are trying to improve it. So what does work? Learn how implementing Everything DiSC helped transform one organization’s culture and employee development curriculum from …

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How to Motivate Your Team

Do you really understand what motivates people? Are you still trying to decipher and apply the Maslow or Herzberg theories, but struggling? Motivational psychologists and researchers have, in recent years, discovered more about what motivates us than what we know from decades of past research. In particular, they have discovered that we are all born possessing …

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Agility Unlocked: Revealing the Connection Between Agility and Emotional Intelligence (FREE eBook)

The more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous our working environments become, the more critical a truly agile workforce is to success. Yet, staying agile demands that people develop and use their emotional intelligence (EQ)—a level of sophistication that has never been demanded before.

A common approach to emotional intelligence training and development is through EQ appraisals—most of which offer an individual a measure of their emotional intelligence at that moment in time. But it’s one thing to have insight into your emotional intelligence; it’s another to use that information to grow and enhance your impact at work. And it’s still another to scale it across the enterprise to drive organizational performance. The question becomes: How do organizations develop the emotional intelligence necessary to support what they need most: a thriving agile culture?

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